Thoughts on Fairies

After making some mistakes in my treatment of the little ones, I have come up with a list to guide you. Anyone can make the little ones in their life happier and more willing to help.

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Image by Brian Froud

BELIEVE. You have to believe in their existence. Why should they help you if you doubt that they are even out there? Talk to them – reassure them that you believe.

ASK. Don’t demand. The fairies would much rather be asked for their help than commanded to obey your every whim — just as we would!

ACKNOWLEDGE their subtle gifts. Haven’t you ever walked with a group of friends and heard chimes, felt a cool breeze, or smelled an orchid that the others were not aware of? These are gifts. A simple, silent “thank you” will do.

GIFTS to the fairies. Elves, sylphs, and all the others appreciate the occasional little gift as much as we do. Leave a rose next to a valley for the gnomes or a crystal in the sun for the salamanders. Sprinkle petals onto the water’s surface for the undines or set a Celtic tune adrift on the air for the sylphs. There are so many little gifts you can bestow on them. Remember – they will treat you the way you treat them.

RESPECT their property. There is, of course, the ever-popular fairy mound; a raised, circular plot of land often outlines in mushrooms. I’ve also come across what I call a “gnome valley.” They are simply inverted fairy mounds, but not always perfect circles. Make sure you don’t step on these sports unless you’re sure that you’re on good terms with the inhabitants.

ASK PERMISSION. Don’t pick a bunch of flowers or mow down a wild lawn without asking the permission of the little ones. They most always oblige, but appreciate your thoughtfulness in asking.

EXPLAIN. Tell the dark fairies why you are invading their space (basements, attics, etc.). Say some like, “I just need to do some laundry,” or “I’m just going to look for my good China and will leave after that.” Try not to keep the lights on too long. They will get annoyed; after all, they are DARK fairies and like the dark.

Again, ASK PERMISSION. I can’t stress how important it is to ask permission to cross bridges. I’m sure you’ve all heard the tale of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” Though the trolls that live under the bridges (probably!) won’t gobble you up, they do like to know who you are and exactly why it is necessary for you to wake them.

ASSURE. Make sure the little ones know that you want them in your life. They’ll do almost anything for you. They just have to know you care.

Allow them their GAMES. Don’t get too upset when you’re positive you put your glasses down in a particular place and then they mysteriously disappear (as mine often do!). The sprites are just having a good time watching you frantically search around the house. They’ll soon give the missing object back when they get bored.

All in all, just respect the little ones and make them part of your daily life. I speak from experience when I say your life will be much happier and better for it!

Copyright (c) 2020 by Vikki Anderson. Do not reprint without permission.


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